The Best Year of your Life!

AU PAIR SPAIN offers the au pairs the possibility to learn the way of life of the families in Spain and other countries, learn and speak another language, make new friendships, travel and have an unforgettable experience.

AU PAIR SPAIN treats each candidate in a personalized way; speaking with the families, we investigate all the documentation that is necessary so that both parts can access the au pair programme trying at all time to avoid surprises and bad experiences.

AU PAIR SPAIN selects the best families for the candidates.

AU PAIR SPAIN is at all time during the stay in contact with the family and the au pair.

In case of any problem, AU PAIR SPAIN is available to solve within its limits.

As an au pair you have the right to:

  • Accommodation and meals with the family
  • Be more than 18 years old
  • Sufficient time to attend language courses, obtain professional and cultural improvements.
  • Enjoy at least one day free a week, a weekend a month.
  • Receive pocket money for your expenses.
  • Do not help more than 5/6 hours a day with the family domestic tasks.
  • In case of problems you can terminate with the family on giving two weeks’ notice.


AU PAIR: Carla – Barcelona 2018

My host family in Barcelona from the first moment treated me as a family member.
They always count with me to do activities. I take care of two children, 4 and 6 years old, I take them to school and help with family tasks. The children were very friendly.

AU PAIR SPAIN has helped me in all moments in the search and in the interviews I had with the families until we found the perfect family and they did the perfect match for me, I am delighted.

I am very happy to choose AU PAIR SPAIN for the search and the match with the family of my candidature to be an au pair in Spain, thank you for your support and professionalism.

I invite other people to do the programme and have the best experience of their life.

Language Tutor Progamme.

The Language Tutor Programme is designed for candidates that needs to improve another foreign language in the country and shares with the family 3 hours a day of his/her native language. (English, German, French or Italian).

This programme implies sharing the life with a family and have free time to do tourism and know another culture.

To Became a Language Tutor.

Requirements to become a language tutor:

  • Be a sociable person, tolerant and with the mood for learning a new culture
  • University degree or similar
  • Be from 18- years old
  • Native of one of these languages: English, German, French or Italian
  • Minimum teaching or training experience (not compulsory)
  • Minimum knowledge of Spanish (not compulsory)


  • The programme can be initialized in any period of the year.
  • The most important thing in this programme is the fact of sharing cultures and especially living the unique intercultural experience.
  • In return of the language classes/sessions the family offers the teacher an individual room and 3 meals daily.
  • All personal expenses, as well as the trip run on account of the participant.


FAMILY: Alvarez – Fernández – Barcelona 2018

We have been part of the LANGUAGE TUTOR programme during 3 months and we recommend to all families.

The language Tutor programme is the best opportunity to practice English every day in a practical, natural way with my family in our free time.
We thank AU PAIR SPAIN for being at all moments during the process and the selection and has been a great help to know and understand this nice programme of cultural interchange for families that want to practice languages in their homes. Thank you AU PAIR SPAIN.

ANDREW SMITH – Seville (January-March 2019)

My experience with the family doing the LANGUAGE TUTOR programme in Seville has being very interested and I have a very good time with them. The family treat me as a member of the family and we had a good time doing the classes and spend time together doing other activities. I had a lot of free time and I visited many places in Spain during my free time.

I recommend this great programme to young people who want to discover and practice Languages around the world and live with the families in the countries. All families are very open and want to share their culture and language.

I recommend AU PAIR SPAIN, they help me during all the process and during my stay in Spain. They are very professionals and have the best families and conditions. Thank you to the team at AU PAIR SPAIN.

Don´t lose this great opportunity if you want to travel and practice Languages around the world. This is your programme.

Conoce el programa Au Pair
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